Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Me and Bryce's Trip To Narnia, To become Men.

Well one night me and my friend decided to go for a skate we were in adamstown near the BP so we walked tthe way to carrington parade past the duke of wellington to see the view
we got to the top and said to our selves this is wonderfull so we kept walking
we ended up at john hnter hopital and saw a down syndrome child and laugh for abit
so we were on our way to cardiff way but thoguh nahh lets go to maccas
we came across the black butt entry and said look theres a way to fucken Narnia so we ventured though it
We walked 1.5 km for about half an hour through black but reserve and was like where the hell are we so we walked aroudn a bit more
and found our way out, only to fin a fucken peacokc attacking us so we ran like buggerey
and we were on the main road that blackbutts on and thoguht there are heaps of cars coming lets go this bush track thinking it was a differnet way to kotara maccas but instead it was a fucking way to Netherlands to see peterpan
we walked that for abit and found this was a dead end so we back trackecd 100metres earlier to find we were at were we started so we like fuck lets go the normal way

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Ways To Look At Things.

When something tries to consume you, fight back.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Myself and Bryce Smith's Messages Of 20th Of September.

This is how the whole conversation started.
Me: "Your hot."
Bryce: "Dick! Your hot ever turn away from me again and ill fuck your ring hole so hard it will look like a black hole that never ends"
Bryce: "Oi I just relised its legal to have sex with babies cause they cant say no. How good is that."
Me: "I heard killing 2 month old babies is a sport at my house.
Ever heard of baby-ball ?"
Bryce: "Jail time just means free anal sex whenever I want and no one will think im gay cause every1 does it"
Me: "Pee in my urethra and drink my anus juice which has been expelled from a recent cat injury."
Bryce: "Oi man I found a new meeting place to find me a partner. Monday - Friday, 7-3 day cares all round Newcastle come look for a good time ?"
Me: "Oi dude just found a better one,
The Childrens Burn Ward at John Hunter,
some lookers there aye."
Bryce: "Theres a new porno and they show it on tv, its called Play School. So good to get off over aye. Check it out i have recorded every episode so far."
Me: "Now i understand why he's called "Big Ted"."
Bryce: "Oi if your like me and are tired of having sex with children manikins, I found a disabled school down the road where you can pick up easy, just like manikin except they kinda move a little so its a bit more fun and they make a little bit of noise"
Me: "Mannn I heard the star light foundation is a porn industry.
The star points on the mascot is for sticking the little child's rectum on each point and he plays this game called drop kick, he waits until they fall off and he boots them to see how far they go."
Bryce caught me behind a bush.

Bryce: "I love it when your near bush, I never get to see bush because you have to be way older then 1 to have pubes"

We both belong in gaol.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Non Melancholic Depression.

Sometimes you just want to be alone with someone.

Two Faced Women.

At one moment they will want you, others they just don't even look at you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Once Again.

Another time, here at Gabby's, sitting at the laptop writing about absolute nothing, now my self esteem is extremely low and i have no one to show for it.
God I hate life at the moment, just times you need someone, they leave.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gabby's Computer.

So im sitting here at Gabby's house, third wheeling the shit out of this my life, getting annoyed that my sock has a hole on the back of the heel now im raging hard at life and playing with my 'blackberry', love my life.

Im kind of having fun annoying them both saying ew every time they kiss, another love my life moment, but they rip me off about my haircut saying I look 12, fuck my life.
Gabby is a man, Bryce is a women.
This cancels each other out so they make baby.
Ethan is god.

End of story.